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Sea-B-Zyme L200/P200Liquid & Powder

For use on most protein-based substrates for the production of non-bitter, short-chain protein hydrolysates with reduced viscosity, improved solubility, flavor, nutritional, and emulsifying characteristics.

Alprolase L

This food-grade, Kosher, non-synthetic, and organic-certifiable enzyme blend is used to hydrolyze fish, poultry, milk, gelatin, and other animal source proteins, producing high-quality functional protein hydrolysates.

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SEBDigest-BL is a concentrated, protease enzyme used as a processing aid in technical applications to break down and increase the solubility, dispersibility and digestibility of proteins.SEBDigest-BL hydrolyzes animal proteins to peptides, polypeptides, and small amounts of amino acids.

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Supplyside West 2016- Booth #R123

We look forward to seeing everyone at the SupplySide West Show at the Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas, NV from October 6-7.  Come see the Specialty Enzymes team at Booth #R123!

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