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Vic Rathi

Vic Rathi

President & CEO

Vic Rathi is the President & CEO of Specialty Enzymes & Probiotics, and has been a thought leader in the field of enzymes for more than 40 years. He oversees an expansive global operation spanning more than 45 countries and 25 industries. Vic’s entrepreneurial spirit and interest in health, wellness and enzymes can be traced back to his father L.C. Rathi, who pioneered extraction methodologies for the enzyme papain in 1957. He and his siblings have continued that tradition of innovation and advancement in biotechnology. Vic holds a bachelor’s degree in pharmacy and master’s degree in food science and biotechnology, and has been a pioneer in enzyme solutions in a wide range of industries, especially human nutrition. He has created countless industry-leading formulas for digestive and systemic health, and is one of the foremost minds in nutraceutical enzyme solutions. A dedicated philanthropist, Vic is committed to supporting education-and health-related initiatives.

"Enzymes are all natural and can help the systems of our bodies enormously by: 1. reducing inflammation, 2. improving the immune system, 3. improving muscle mass, and 4. helping to digest food properly."

Harshad Doshi

Harshad Doshi


Harshad Doshi joined Specialty Enzymes as Chief Financial Officer for U.S. entities in 2010 with more than 30 years of experience in accounting, facility and sanitation management, and manufacturing. In his current role, he is responsible for financial oversight and strategic planning. He has been instrumental as a facilitator in bringing financial organization with oversight and applying it to the day-to-day operations of the company. His previous experience includes being a financial analyst, financial controller and financial consultant with duties including annual budgets, cash flow projections, payroll, troubleshooting, long-term financial planning and forecasting.

"My wife and I take Excellacor daily after the exercise — it helps us recover. We also take Serracor to improve circulation. We recommend them to all of our family and friends. "

Mike Smith

Mike Smith

Vice President, Sales & Marketing

Since joining Specialty Enzymes & Probiotics in 2006, Vice President Mike Smith has provided sales, marketing and technical support in the area of enzymes and probiotic applications. During his more than 40 years in various fields of life sciences, he has also worked in dermatological pharmaceuticals, dietary supplements and chemical raw materials. Mike studied Cell Physiology and Chemistry, and he has conducted research on the dynamics of ribosomes and protein synthesis. He has published, edited and written articles for two trade magazines, including Enzyme World, an Advanced Enzymes-Specialty Enzymes publication.

"My wife and I both take DigeSEB Super whenever we have food that is spicy or heavy, especially things like pizza, enchiladas or barbecue. It’s so much better than antacids. In addition, I take Exclzyme and Peptizyme SP EN for joint inflammation and cardiovascular health."

Reshma Rathi

Reshma Rathi

Director of Operations

As Operations Manager, Reshma Rathi oversees day-to-day production, logistics and communication across departments and infrastructure. Along with extensive business experience, Reshma has a bachelor’s degree in international affairs and global business.

"Enzymes are integral to everything I do. After living in the enzyme world for some time now, I am keenly aware of how an enzymatic process takes place to make, well, everything! I injured my back a few years back and the first place I start in my pain management is enzymes. I really love the holistic, natural approach that they offer. I take enzymes twice a day and they have helped me not only for my pain but for digestion, general health, residual scar tissue, allergies, and the list goes on. Now, I have my routine with enzymes, I travel with them, and I recommend them to so many people for their health needs."

Oliver Castro

Oliver Castro

Production Supervisor

As Production Supervisor, Oliver Castro is on the front line of ensuring production strictly adheres to GMP guidelines. He joined the company more than a decade ago, working his way from a warehouse staffer to overseeing production on a daily basis. He has a diverse background in operations, and a solid track record for leadership and change management.

"My father and I both take Exclzyme. Dad has problems with his joints, hands & fingers. Ever since he started taking them four years ago, it helped him a lot. He can bend all of his fingers properly, he can move his hands now. Before, his hands were stiff, and he couldn’t bend his fingers. I take Exclzyme for my knee and back. I have pain in both, especially when it’s colder. When I take the enzymes, it makes my pain go away."

Ankit Rathi

Ankit Rathi

Quality Assurance Manager

Ankit Rathi is a Human-PCQI, HACCP and cGMP certified quality auditor tasked with assisting Specialty Enzymes’ customers in meeting regulatory compliance with their products. He has a Master’s degree in Business and Science (Biotechnology and Genomics) from Rutgers University and a Bachelor’s degree in Engineering from Shivaji University. He has extensive experience in academic research in the pharmaceutical and nutraceutical industry.

"Enzymes are a daily part of my family’s lives. My brother was in an accident and tore a ligament in his leg. He recovered from his minor surgery far faster than the doctor’s anticipated. He attributes his recovery to Exclzyme."

Alma Gonzalez

Alma Gonzalez

Quality Control Lab Supervisor

Alma oversees the day-to-day operations of Specialty Enzymes state-of-the-art laboratories. She is a detail-oriented, tenacious and precise person, and devoted to ensuring enzyme assays and other quality tests are accurate and consistent. With a bachelor’s degree in chemistry and extensive experience in manufacturing, quality assurance and quality control in a wide range of industries, Alma specializes in HPLC and HPTLC.

"I take serrapeptase twice a day. My left ankle used to swell, and cause so much pain I would frequently be unable to walk. Since I began taking serrapeptase, my swelling is down and now I am completely pain free. It helps a lot. It is a great product and very high quality."

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