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Supplyside West 2016- Booth #R123

We look forward to seeing everyone at the SupplySide West Show at the Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas, NV from October 6-7.  Come see the Specialty Enzymes team at Booth #R123!

Infusion Mashing for Brewing

Infusion Mashing – I do not have an exact definition for this one, but here is an interpretation. “Is the process of achieving your mash temperatures by adding measured amounts of water heated to carefully calculated temperatures to the mash.  More specifically single infusion mashing, is where the mash water is added all at once and the mash is held at a single steady temperature for the entire mash. “

Essentially Infusion...

What Are Enzymes and How Can They Help Your Pets?

Enzymes are protein molecules which perform specific functions. They are not “alive”, like probiotics, but they are only active under certain conditions. This is because proteins- which are made of chains of amino acids- can easily be denatured. Excessive heat or extremes in pH can disrupt the bonds that hold proteins together, rendering enzymes ineffective. This is why enzymes are best stored under refrigeration, or at least in a cool, dry place to maintain maximum activity. Enzymes can come from different sources- animal, plant, or microbial. Animal-sourced enzymes tend to...

April 1st – 4th, ADI Distilling Conference – Denver, CO

Mike and Jason will be at booth #27, stop on by!

March 26th – 28th, Vita Foods - Sao Paulo, Brazil

Jim Titus Director of International Sales will be attending to chat about all your enzyme needs at booth # 720.

SupplySide West 2012

Visit Us at Booth #22049 in Las Vegas

CBC – Craft Brewers Conference May 2nd-5th, 2012

Mike and Jason will be at Booth 54 to consult with enzyme use and sample some amazing craft beer.

ADI 9th Annual Distilling Conference April 1-4th 2012

Mike will be there representing SEB, selling some enzymes in between whiskey sampling breaks.

See you at IFT 2011!

We will be at the Morial Convention Center in New Orleans June 11-13.  If you would like to meet anytime during our stay, we'd love to set up a meeting!  Please contact Reshma Rathi at  See you there! 

Come See Us at Natural Products Expo West: March 11-13

Come visit us at booth 1480 at the Natural Products Expo West Show!

Product Spotlight

SEBrew Mature L

A unique enzyme that can prevent the formation of diacetyl through the fermentation.  Can be used for faster throughput in a brewerey, or as a double check measure.  Ideal for lighter styled bears, but applicable to many styles.

EnviroSEB Grease Digest

EnviroSEB® Grease Digest is a specially designed blend of naturally occurring microbes, fungi, enzymes, plant extracts and buffers for use to digest grease in grease traps in commercial food establishments such as restaurants, hospitals, schools, prisons, slaughter houses, meat processing plants etc., Grease is insoluble in water. EnviroSEB® Grease Digest converts grease into water soluble fatty acids.

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